FAQs about Part Time CFO


How Will My Business Benefit From Willmark CFO Services?  Working with us can immediately improve the profitability of your company if hampered by limited financial expertise, weak accounting practices or unclear strategic planning. Everyday that you operate without the guidance of an experienced CFO you lose the opportunity to maximize your potential. 


  I Already Have An Accountant and Receive Reports, Why Do I Need Willmark CFO Services? Your business will benefit from our depth of experience and knowing of what has worked well in other companies. Often you do not know what is possible until you begin working with an experienced professional. Do any of the following situations describe your environment?  ● Your bank is displeased with your financial statements. As a result, your bankers have become unsure of your credit worthiness and are unwilling to extend your credit line.  ● Your sales are up, but your cash flow is weak. Customers don’t seem to be paying promptly. As a result, you are struggling to make payments on your monthly obligations.  ● There are opportunities for growth. However, you are not sure how to proceed or how to access the capital needed to grow your business.  ● Very little gets done in your business without your direction.  ● The business has grown; there are more customers and more employees. However, your suppliers, your banker, and others all insist on talking with you. ● You are working harder but you don’t see the benefits of that work. 


Is Willmark CFO Services a CPA Firm?  No. We work with you and your company to prepare accurate financial and management reports. We also guide the strengthening of procedures related to accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, recording sales and all key areas of your business as appropriate. A CFO should be a trusted advisor to the business owner. And you can count on us for such financial advice.  

  Who Can Benefit from Your Services? Virtually any small to mid size entrepreneurial business that employs either a bookkeeper, accounting service, chief accountant or controller. 

  What is The Cost of Your Services? For businesses whose annual revenues are up to $ 1 million, our flat fee starts at $500 per month. For companies that have revenues between $ 2 million and $ 10 million, our flat fee starts at $ 2,000 a month. We have discounted fees for non-profits and start-ups. 

 Will Willmark CFO Services Help Us Find an Attorney or any other Professional Should We Need Those Services? Absolutely!! We have a network of qualified professionals who provide, legal, insurance and other services. We are pleased to assist you as the need arises.   

Can Willmark CFO Services Help Us Obtain Financing? Yes, we have contacts with bankers, lending institutions, SBA lenders, factoring companies, venture capitalist, even private investors and money lenders.