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What management experts are saying about part-time CFOs

“Small and medium-sized companies that are not in a position to hire a full-time CFO are often the companies that would benefit most from the expertise of an experienced CFO.”   

 “The concept of a part-time CFO is more relevant in small to mid-size companies that need this service, but do not find it cost effective to hire a full time executive.”   

“Accounting staff can manage the day-to-day operations. Utilizing the expertise of an individual that will work on a part-time basis can allow smaller companies the senior level expertise they need at an affordable price.”    

 “Some firms make the mistake of settling with a full time accountant instead of looking for a CFO. An accountant typically deals with day-to-day details and putting the numbers together. A CFO interprets that data and tells the owners what those numbers really mean. They are responsible for interpreting those numbers and turning that information into business knowledge.”  

 “Any small organization that has an in house bookkeeper to manage their day-to-day accounting would greatly benefit from a part-time CFO. Owners many times do not realize ‘what they don’t know’ without that financial expertise.”   

 “Bankers, attorneys and outside CPA firms love the objectivity that comes from a third party, especially if the company is going through any type of transition.”      

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